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I, AmDram, Camden People's Theatre | May 2018

Photos courtesy of Dani Harvey

DiceMaster at DICE Festival, Summerall | Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Photos courtesy of Miau Vartiainen


Excerpts at DEADLINE, Rosemary Branch Theatre | Feb 2018

Photos courtesy of @twopaleladies


Excerpts at DEADLINE, Rosemary Branch Theatre | Sept 2017

Photos courtesy of @twopaleladies

'Thaliana' at Peopling The Palace(s) Festival | June 2017

More draft bits from the many-titled I, Amdram storytelling project on amateur theatre, performed at me old uni (Queen Mary, University of London). Thanks to Dani Harvey for photos of my particularly cheeky face.

""Are You Smarter Than The Underworld? @ Morguefest May 2017

A live gameshow pitting the wits of the living and the dead against one another, co-hosted by myself and the bodiless spirit of the late Larry Grayson (70's host of The Generation Game).

Entr'Acte at Camden People's Theatre | Mar 2017

Developed during Starting Blocks 2017, early version of the now adorably entitled I, Amdram. Cheeky rehearsal shots by Alex Lui, performance photos by Heather Pasfield.

'Message from The Queen' at Bad&Nasty Cabaret, LA | Feb 2017

Comedy monologue performed at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre, Los Angeles, as part of the Bad & Nasty Cabaret for #NotMyPresident's Day. Wasn't billed, but snuck on after Lois and Peggy of Split Britches performed an excerpt of Unexploded Ordnances and the camerawoman was a bit 'who the hell's this British kid?' and didn't put the lens in focus. Which is more than fair enough.