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'Some enchanted evenings': my part in Welwyn Garden City's am-dram dynasty


"How do you measure a year in the life?” asks the closing number of Jonathan Larson’s Rent. It’s one of several musicals I know word for word – and one of several my mother is “not too sure of”. And I know the answer to its question: you can measure the years of my life in musicals. I held my first boyfriend’s hand through Little Shop of Horrors. I came out as queer halfway through rehearsals for My Fair Lady. My birth was announced on the opening night of The King and I..." [continue]



  • On the development of the Care Cafe conversation protocol in The Scottish Journal of Performance, Vol. 5, Issue 1 (April 2018). With lead author Lois Weaver


  • Articulating the work of The Sick of the Fringe in Contemporary Theatre Review  Issue 25.4 (2015) Co-authored with Brian Lobel


Review / Diagnoses

The following pieces were written for The Sick Of The Fringe 2015-16, analysing performance work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in relation to medical science.


Unexploded Ordnances  - Co-writer with Split Britches Company (Lois Weaver & Peggy Shaw)

In development @ Skirball Centre, LA (Photo: Matt Delbridge)

In development @ Skirball Centre, LA (Photo: Matt Delbridge)

Since September 2016, I have been working with Lois and Peggy on the performance text for their Big Project, UXO. It's half a performance, half a conversation with a round table of audience members,; a facsimile of the 'War Room' in Dr. Strangelove. It considers our fears and anxieties for our global and personal futures, and seeks ways to  mine our unexploded potential as an imaginative resource for change. 

Developed with support from La Mama ETC (NY), Skirball Cultural Centre (LA) and Attenborough Centre (Brighton). Premiered at the Barbican Centre, 15-19 May 2018.


I am able to offer support to emerging and established makers with the writing of funding applications (including Arts Council England, Wellcome Trust, Jerwood Foundation); project articulation and festival application; budget proposals; reporting and evaluation.

My rates are adjustable depending on your budget and amount of work required. Please email me for more information.

To date, I have assisted the following artists and projects:

  • Hunt&Darton, Radio Local (ACE Strategic Touring)
  • Daniel Oliver, Chiperlatartparty (ACE Project Grant)
  • Liz Carr, Assisted Suicide the Musical (ACE, Wellcome People Award)
  • Le Gateau Chocolat, Duckie, Black & ICONS (ACE, Wellcome People Award, Wellcome Small Arts Award)
  • Lois Weaver, What Tammy Needs To KnowTammy's YouTube Channel (ACE, Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award, Wellcome Trust People Award)
  • Split Britches, Unexploded Ordnances (ACE, ACE Large GFA)
  • Tim Crouch, Adler & Gibb (ACE Large GFA)
  • Lynn Ruth Miller, Fighting to the End  (ACE)
  • Documentation Action Research Collective, Transformance (ACE)
  • Double Trouble, Adventures in Black and White (ACE)
  • Martha Pailing, Background People (ACE)
  • People's Palace Projects, The Verbatim Formula (Evaluation report)
  • Peggy Shaw, Lucky Fucker (Bellagio Foundation)
  • In Company Collective (reporting, various)
  • Magic Me, Artist Residencies (reporting, various)